By Penelope Quill

ST. LOUIS, MO — Budweiser’s latest novelty can design, dubbed “Cheers to Progress,” has brewed up a storm of controversy, with conservative groups calling for a boycott of the iconic American beer brand. Among the most vocal critics is none other than musician Kid Rock, who reportedly shed tears of frustration over the can’s message of inclusivity before taking matters into his own hands—quite literally.

The limited-edition can, which features a vibrant, abstract design and a message celebrating diversity, has been met with backlash from conservative groups, including the Family Values Coalition (FVC) and the Traditional America Alliance (TAA). These groups accuse Budweiser of promoting a “liberal agenda” and undermining traditional values.

Kid Rock, known for his outspoken conservative views, was so incensed by the novelty can that he allegedly cried for days, according to sources close to the musician. “He was really torn up about it,” said an anonymous source. “He kept saying they’re ruining America’s beer.”

Determined to work out his aggression, Kid Rock devised a plan to hit Budweiser where it hurts. The rocker reportedly spent over a thousand dollars on “Cheers to Progress” cans, only to take them to his private property and use them for shotgun target practice. Videos of Kid Rock blasting away at the cans quickly went viral on social media, with supporters cheering him on and critics decrying the display as wasteful and excessive.

Budweiser, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, has stood by its novelty can design, emphasizing its commitment to diversity and inclusion. “Our ‘Cheers to Progress’ can is a celebration of the progress we’ve made as a society,” said Budweiser spokesperson Alex Martinez. “We’re proud to stand by our message of inclusivity.”

Despite the uproar, many consumers and advocacy groups have rallied behind Budweiser, praising the brand for its inclusive message. The hashtag #CheersToProgress has gained traction on social media, with users sharing photos of themselves enjoying the limited-edition cans.

As for Kid Rock, his tearful tirade and shotgun spectacle have only added fuel to the fire of an already heated debate. Industry analysts are closely monitoring the impact of the controversy on Budweiser’s sales, with some speculating that the publicity could ultimately prove beneficial for the brand.

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