WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her unyielding support of former President Donald Trump, has recounted a spiritual journey that left both supporters and critics scratching their heads.

During a recent prayer vigil for Trump’s political future, Greene claims to have experienced a vision that transported her to what she assumed “must be heaven.” In her account, Greene described a realm of shimmering light where she was greeted by her GOP heroes, including the late radio host Rush Limbaugh and former President Ronald Reagan.

“It was glorious,” Greene told reporters. “There they were, all the greats, just as I’d always imagined them. I knew I was in heaven.”

However, Greene’s description of the celestial scene took an unexpected turn when she mentioned the presence of flames and shadowy figures lurking in the background.

“There were these little red guys with pitchforks, they were just part of the decor,” Greene explained nonchalantly. “And sure, there were some flames, it was a heavenly bonfire. You know, to roast marshmallows.”

“I’m just grateful for the experience,” Greenesaid. “It’s not every day you get to see heaven and meet your heroes. Even if it was a little toastier than I expected.”

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